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Richard Knight

Richard Knight


Year Role / Type Company / Venue
1983 - 2009 Mime Artist & Company CHaracters
Corporate Event
Around The World

Full details of act

Comedy Mime Artist meet & greet and also comedy mime & magic shows in the silent movie style of Chaplin and Keaton. Shows have soundtracks to them with music or sound effects. Ideal for theatres, festivals, corporate or family entertainment. Trained Actor, LAMDA,

Additional Skills

Juggling, Magic, Robotics, Teaching, Directing, Hat Tricks, Film Director & Editor

Technical Requirements

For mime Shows need a PA System that can either play CD's or iPods. The stage area needs to be at least be 2 m depth x 3 ms wide minimum.


Primary Skill Mime Artist
Skills Breakdancing, Cabaret Artist, Clown, Juggler, Lookalike, Magician, Mime Artist, Statue, Story Teller, Street Artist
Work Permits Australia, EU
Years in industry 6+ years
Organisation Membership Equity
Licenses CRB Checked, Public Liablity Insurance