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Leo Hedman

Leo Hedman


Year Role / Type Company / Venue
2010 - 2012 Aerial Performance
Supper Club London
Supper Club London
2010 Circus act
Corporate Event
Dou silk perfromence for Movie Toons program
2008 - 2010 Festival - circus cabaret
GLastonbury Festival 08,09 &10
Circus Big Top
2009 Circus act
The Barbican
Perfromenace for Barabican Lates event

Full details of act

I have a number of acts available, doing double and solo rope and silks.

Nocturnal: Award winning vampire themed solo silk act

Tangoesque: Tango themed up-beat solo rope act.

Frozen : Solo silk act inspired by the story of the Snow queen.

Knockout: Upbeat dramatic double rope act with costume inspired from turn of century.

Some Like it... : Double rope act using cross dressing and inspired by 1930'

More act available, just ask and see gallery.

Additional Skills

I am a also a professional rigger, saving your events the extra cost of a qualified rigger to set up the aerial equipment.

Also mask and makeup skills, whip cracking and fire manipulation.

Technical Requirements

Aerial acts require a minimum of 6 meters (nocturnal only 4,5) ceiling height.
One strong accessible rigging point.
Space to warm up and do makeup 2 hours prior to performance.


Primary Skill Aerial Acrobatics
Skills Aerial Acrobatics, Cabaret Artist, Drag/Female Impersonator
Work Permits EU
Years in industry 6+ years
Organisation Membership BECTU, Equity
Licenses CRB Checked, Public Liablity Insurance