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JJS-The Joint Is Jumping Rock n roll

JJS-The Joint Is Jumping Rock n roll


Year Role / Type Company / Venue
2011 - 2012 Rock and Blues
Cherry Tree
2012 Rock music
Four Horse Shoes
Four Horse Shoes, Henley
2011 - 2012 Rock Music
Rising Sun
Rising Sun, Henley
2011 - 2012 New Year's Eve Entertainment
Dave Tovey
Boaters Bar and Restaurant, Reading
2012 Restaurant entertainment
The Tree Hotel
2011 Rock and Blues
Surrey Blues Club
Hersjham, Surrey

Full details of act

The JJs - The Joint Is Jumping is a four-piece unit with invited guest performers dedicated to rock n' roll. We play Chuck Berry, The Stones, Zoot Money, and a host of great tunes from that era with energy enthusiasm and just a little love. We're ideal for private parties and gatherings where you want to rock and dance.

Additional Skills

Four individual musicians capable of solo work as well and one of our singer/guitarsts is a highly experienced presenter and compere.

Technical Requirements

We supply our PA and will work with your lights or provide our own.


Primary Skill Tribute Band
Skills Tribute Band
Work Permits EU
Years in industry 6+ years