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Andrew Edmonds

Andrew Edmonds


Year Role / Type Company / Venue
2007 Cabaret Show
Corporate Event
Actuarial and Insurance Management Solutions

Full details of act

Throwing away the sleight of hand tools of the magician, Andrew will concentrate purely on mind control techniques and perform a 45 minute cabaret act of the psychological games variety.

He will put ideas into people's heads, alter their thought patterns and second guess decisions they make. People will experience demonstrations of telepathy, mind reading and psychic connectivity.

Andrew's show is interactive, humourous and mystifying so if you are after something a little different for your event and want your guests to be talking for days afterwards then get in touch as soon as possible to book Andrew for your event.

Technical Requirements

PA required if venue requires it.


Primary Skill Cabaret Artist
Skills Cabaret Artist, Close Up Magician, Magician, Mentalists
Work Permits EU
Years in industry 6+ years
Organisation Membership Equity
Licenses Public Liablity Insurance